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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Floyd Stallings

  • 2 total knee replacements

“Dr. Holley was amazing! The care and concern that he showed during my first he replacement was so great, and the success was so overwhelming I had the other one done as well! I appreciated his quality of care both before during and after my replacements! Not only would I recommend him to anyone, I've recommended him to my wife and he will be doing her knee replacement as well!”

Charles R Harrington

  • anterior hip replacement
Charles R Harrington's photo

“Dr. Holley is a great orthopedic surgeon and a great person. He replaced my left hip September 30th 2013 and I was hunting with my wife the 12th of October. All-be-it in a limited capacity, but I was still out there hiking and hunting. I rattled in a white tail buck for myself on November the 11th and went back to work on November the 24th at full capacity. I still have an ache or two but I get stronger every day. This was the best outcome I could have imagined. Thank you Dr. Holley and all your staff. ”

Julie J

  • Anterior Hip Replacement

“Dr Holley and his team are simply the best! I was very stubborn for a number of years and was in denial that I needed surgery. Dr Holley was so kind and patient with me, the pre-surgery education was invaluable. Living with chronic pain was so unnecessary, and since my surgery my quality of life has improved 1000%

I have already referred a number of friends to him and will continue to do so. ”

Julia H

  • R Hip Replacement

“I'm just Lucky. Dr. Holley was recommended by Dr. Denise Mills, with a "Go in & see". We met on St. Valentines Day. Surgery was on St. Pat's. Seven months later I am back to teaching Ballet & Pilates on my regular schedule. & SO VERY THANKFUL to Dr. Holly & his informative, wonderful staff. ”

Larry Turpen

  • two total Hips

“When I went to see Dr. Holley it was a referral from my Spine Dr. Manos . I went to Dr. Manos thinking my back was messed up again . Dr. Manos took one look ordered x rays and sent me directly to Dr. Holley telling me my hips were shot. I saw Dr. Holley and he scheduled me for hip surgery within two weeks, he also said they were so bad he was going to both at once. This I will never regret Doc had me walking better 6 hours after surgery than I had walked in 6 months with no more pain. No more pain pills after about three weeks and I am now 6 weeks out and yesterday mowed my yard and am going back to work .. Thank you Doc ”

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